Friday, 2 April 2021

Wednesday March 31

  A robust group of 20 players tuned up for the pre-easter battle, and the first item on the agenda was the drawing of the jackpot player.


Peter Koorey got the gig, but at the end of the night the pennies were still in the bank.


We also gained another new player – welcome to Wally Weiderman!


One of our players had a beautiful new board to debut , and there were many envious glances ….

David Reitzin remains Ladder Leader and next week a Giantslayer will be chosen to take him on.


Final results were:


1st      Kee Yio Wan


2nd     Gary Stavrou 


3rd     David Reitzin

John Symon and Susan Wan playing nicely together

Four happy chappies - in the background Hammon Mans and Angelo Voulgaris and in the foreground David Stubbs and David Reitzin

Peter Voulgaris and Breck McCormack having a post match chat

Hammon's new Galaxy Earth Board - wish it was mine!

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