Thursday, 22 April 2021

Wednesday April 21

 Tonight's draw started with 21 players, which meant a bye – always unpopular.


The bye player, David Stubbs, was then selected as the jackpot player, meaning he only had to win his next two matches with a good margin to be in contention to take the pot....


However we then found that one  registered  player had not been put in the player list – balance restored!!


After an intense 3 or so hours, we had a result.

 Jackpot was safe...

 Placings were :

 1st    David Reitzin

 2nd    Angelo Voulgaris

 3rd    Steve Clarry 

This week saw the start of an inter-club challenge between us and Bucharest, Romania. Each club is represented by a team of eight players. The tournament consists of four rounds. Running results will be posted on our Online Tournaments page.

Garry Byrne is in a spot of bother with two on the bar aginst Angelo Voulgaris

If Gary Stavrou leaves a blot Mohammad Nejati is all set to pounce, and David Reitzin is on  hand to see the carnage

In a re-run of their battle at Castle Hill on Monday night Kee Yio Wan and John Symon

A four for one shot with Jim Bean and Giancarlo Yannoulis competing at the rear and Steve Clarry taking on Susan Wan in the foreground.


Thursday, 15 April 2021

Wednesday April 14

 Today was a red letter day – a lady at the top of the honours, another new member, welcome Andrew Scarf, and a record 22 players on the list to play .

 David Reitzin was drawn as the jackpot player, which made a few of us nervous, but it was not his night – unusually – and the pennies are back in the bank.


The Giantslayer match was played, and David Reitzin held on to his points, again!!


Final results were:


1st  Jenny Saunders, one of our newest recruits, and one of the very small band of ladies in the group – well done Jenny!


2nd  Mohammad Nejati    


3rd   Peter Voulgaris


 See you all next week!!

Everybody is watching David Reitzins match against TD Gary Stavrou because he's tonights jackpot contender....

A happy match in the foreground between Rafael Chattah and Breck McCormacck, with a slightly more serious tussle between Mohammad Nejati and our newest player Andrew Scarf in the background

Hammon Mans seems to have tucked all his counters away, Wally Weiderman not so much.

Breck McCormack studies his position in the final round with eventual winner Jenny Saunders

Thursday, 8 April 2021

Wednesday April 7

 We were 19 players tonight and the opening item was the draw for the Player of the Month, who was TD Gary Stavrou.

The jackpot player draw followed and Robert Coote had the honour for the night, however he was not successful on this occasion.


The Giantslayer draw was next and Garry Byrne was offered the opportunity but he declined and the redraw gave Peter Voulgaris the chance to wrest 149 of David Reitzin's hard-won points from him.


The final results were:


1st  Jim Bean


1st Gary Stavrou


3rd David Stubbs

Kee Yio Wan is up on the bar and Garry Byrne is looking for he next chequer to hit

David Stubbs and Peter Voulgaris battle it out

David Reitzin and John Symon study the board with Andre Marootians watching from the sidelines

Friday, 2 April 2021

Wednesday March 31

  A robust group of 20 players tuned up for the pre-easter battle, and the first item on the agenda was the drawing of the jackpot player.


Peter Koorey got the gig, but at the end of the night the pennies were still in the bank.


We also gained another new player – welcome to Wally Weiderman!


One of our players had a beautiful new board to debut , and there were many envious glances ….

David Reitzin remains Ladder Leader and next week a Giantslayer will be chosen to take him on.


Final results were:


1st      Kee Yio Wan


2nd     Gary Stavrou 


3rd     David Reitzin

John Symon and Susan Wan playing nicely together

Four happy chappies - in the background Hammon Mans and Angelo Voulgaris and in the foreground David Stubbs and David Reitzin

Peter Voulgaris and Breck McCormack having a post match chat

Hammon's new Galaxy Earth Board - wish it was mine!

Thursday, 25 March 2021

Wednesday March 24

 Once again we had 18 starters for the night – a few less than last week but still a good roll up.


Garry Byrne was drawn as the jackpot player but did not manage to capitalise on the opportunity.


Final placings were:



1st Gary Stavrou 


2nd Steve Clarry

3rd Jenny Saunders

Giancarlo Yannoulis tussles with KeeYio Wan and Rafael Chattah watches from the sidelines

Susan Wan and Garry Byrne in a an early game

Serious stuff - Hammon Mans battles Andre Marootians with observers Daivid Reitzin and Mohammad Nejati watching on.

Thursday, 18 March 2021

Wednesday March 17

 And our growth continues – another night with a roll-up of 22 players, including two new members – Simon Strum and Robert Coote, and Simon managed to score a prize , but possibly not what he was expecting!

 Hammon Mans was drawn as the jackpot player but was not to scoop the pot on this occasion.


During the night the Club drew their usual raffle and Andre Marootians picked up a very large chocolate rabbit, which he then donate as an extra-ordinary, (or should that be EXTRAORDINARY) prize for the 4th place holder at the end of the night.


When the placings were finally calculated, they too were extraordinary – 3 equal 1st placers and 3 equal 


Now we have a problem- how to divide the rabbit!!


Problem was solved by a roll of the dice – the only logical solution!


 Final placing were:

 1st equal ;      Breck McCormack

                      Jim Bean 

                      Angelo Voulgaris 

equal;      John Symon

                      David Reitzin

                      Simon Strum

Don't know what the topic is - but John Symon is sure he's correct - David Stubbs is sceptical but happy to look at options

Quad shot - in the foreground Andre Marootians and Peter Voulgaris and in the background George Avramides and Hammon Mans battle on the boards

Serious stuff as Breck McCormack and Raffael Chattah study the state of play

First night success for Simon Strum...joint 4th place getter

The boys in blue - Gary Stavrou takes on newcomer Simon Strum with another 1st nighter, Robert Coote watching with interest

Monday, 15 March 2021

Wednesday March 10

 Apologies for the delay , but I was out of Sydney for the weekend.


We finally cracked 22 players for the night – a significant milestone for the Sydney Backgammoners!


Mohammad Nejati was picked as the jackpot player, but missed out on the pennies due to a 2nd round loss .


The final results were:


1st :  Jim Bean


2nd: David Stubbs


3rd: Hammon Mans


See you all next week – maybe we can get to 24 – an even two dozen!

Carol Wakelin takes on TD Gary Stavrou in the final round

Garry Byrne  and Jim Bean seem pretty serious

Angelo Voulgaris  and Jenny Saunders both look pretty happy with their games