Thursday, 27 February 2020

Wednesday February 26

A turnout of 14 tonight with four of our regular players away.

Ben Anderson was drawn as the Jackpot player but failed to capitalise on the opportunity.
The jackpot is now approaching $200 and certainly worth winning.

John Symon was the clear winner tonight with an impressive 318 point score.
Seeing that 321 is the maximum score, John's achievement was outstanding.

John will be overseas for the next three months so his ladder ranking will suffer greatly.
The current Ladder Leader is, again, Ned Marootians and a Giantslayer will be chosen next week to wrest 82 points off Ned's score.

Second place tonight went to Ned Marootians and third spot was shared by David Reitzin and Gary Stavrou.

Thursday, 20 February 2020

Wednesday February 19

There were nineteen players on the boards tonight, and we are pleased to welcome newcomer Sally Weymouth to the group.

Sally found us on – hopefully we will get more new players from this and it would help if current players could join the group and provide occasional feedback.

The jackpot player was Ned Marootians but he missed out tonight, so the $150+ pot is still up for grabs.

The final placings were:

1stMohammad Nejati

2ndJim Bean

3rdJohn Symon 

Newcomer Sally Weymouth enjoys a social match with Angelo Voulgaris with Grayham Rundle cheering from the sidelines.

Ben Anderson and Breck McCormack in the 7 point round.

A perplexed Giancarlo Yannoulis (R) studies the board in his match with Kee Yio Wan.

Friday, 14 February 2020

Wednesday February 12

A very healthy group of sixteen players fronted up to play tonight.

The jackpot player was drawn and tonight Carol Wakelin was given the opportunity to scoop the pool. A loss in the first round put paid to her ambitions!!

Prior to the main event, John Symon and Ned Marootians began their giantslayer match, with John hoping to poach some points from the ladder leader. The match was completed later in the evening with Ned keeping a tight grips on his hard earned points.

Final results in the main event were:

1st Angelo Voulgaris

2nd Ned Marootians

3rd Mohammad Nejati

Ben Anderson and Zhiman Rahmati's match is watched with interest by Mohammad Nejati and Giancarlo Yannoulis.

A very serious battle between Susan Wan and Gary Stavrou.

A pre main event tussle in the giantslayer match between Ned Marootians and John Symon.

Thursday, 6 February 2020

Wednesday February 5

A slightly reduced group of fifteen players presented to battle over the boards tonight.

First order of business was to pick the jackpot player, and tonight the honour was bestowed on Gary Stavrou.

The jackpot is safe for another week!!

Next on the agenda was the draw for the  Giantslayer for February.

John Symon will take on  ladder leader Ned Marootians sometime this month.

Final results for the night were:

1st Giancarlo Yannoulis

2nd Arthur Ramer

3rd John Symon 

David Reitzin has Mohammad Netjati scratching his head.

Carol Wakelin is focused on the game with Arthur Ramer.

An interesting match between Ben Anderson and Rafael Chattah

Three happy chappies. Grayham Rundle and David Reitzin are enjoying their game and John Symon is finding it highly amusing  too.