Friday, 28 June 2019

Wednesday June 26

 It was a tidy team of ten who fronted up on a crisp winter Wednesday.

Carol Wakelin was on the desk as T.D., testing a new version of the program in preparation for her solo stint next week when Gary Stavrou takes a well earned holiday.

Jim Bean was drawn as the jackpot player and early results indicated that he may waltz away with purse – however he was thwarted in the final round by Arthur Ramer, who went on to take the night.

Full final placings were:

1stArthur Ramer

2ndGiancarlo Yannoulis

3rdHamish Moore

The monthly challenge has been cancelled due to lack of players and will not be promoted again.

An intense match between Gary Stavrou and Rafael Chattah with Arthur Ramer and Giancarlo Yannoulis looking on.

Friday, 21 June 2019

Wednesday June 19

Despite last night being the coldest in Sydney so far this year, 13 hardy players, bundled up in their winter woollies, rocked up to play last night.

Carol Wakelin was again drawn as the jackpot player, but in spite two wins the 1 and 2nd rounds, she was again to leave without the cash after a very close match with Arthur Ramer.

Hamish Moore came back to play with us  again – hopefully he  will become another  regular contender – variety is good.

The final scores were:
 Giancarlo Yannoulis  1st
 Mohammad Nejati 2nd
 Jim Bean 3rd

Time is running out to join the $50 External Challenge that Gary is promoting – please advise if you wish to join this.

Husband and wife Susan and KeeYio Wan battle over the board - alway interesting

David Layman and Jim Bean in the late stages of a  final match

Hamish Moore takes on eventual winner Giancarlo Yannoulis with Arthur Ramer watching

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Wednesday June 12

No State of Origin battle tonight meant that we were up to our usual complement of an even dozen players despite two of our stalwarts being absent – one due illness and one off on holidays – again!!

Carol Wakelin was drawn as the jackpot player but a crushing defeat in the first round at the dice of Kee-Yio Wan put paid to that.

The first two rounds were completed in record time – a match in the third round between Carol Wakelin and Mahnaz Rostami being the only one to exceed the time allotted – TD Gary's refinements are working.

The final results were - 

1st Kee-Yio Wan 

2nd Jim Bean

3rd David Layman

Grayham Rundle and Mahnaz Rostami in an early match

All very serious David Layman and Gary Stavrou tussle in the 1st round - Kio watching on intently from the sidelines

A perplexed Giancarlo Yannoulis (R) studies the state of play in his match with Arthur Ramer

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Wednesday June 5

The playing of the first State of Origin match for 2019 may be the reason we were only 10 players tonight – or maybe it was just too too cold to venture out!!

Giancarlo was drawn as the jackpot player and the next draw for the Giant Slayer for June also saw his name pulled out of the (digital) hat.

The jackpot was not claimed – better luck next  time!!

The Giant Slayer match between Arthur Ramer and Giancarlo will be played sometime over the next month with the trophy being a sizeable chunk of Arthur's points – good luck to both of you!!

The final result saw John Symon scoop the pool on his last club night before yet ANOTHER holiday !!

Mohammad Nejati took the 2nd place pot leaving Carol Wakelin and Jim Bean to split the 3rd place purse – well done all.
Eventual winner John Symon takes on Mohammad Nejati with Jim Bean watching on

Mahnaz Rostami and Ben Anderson battle it out with Arthur Ramer watching on

Carol Wakelin  is an interested observer in the match between Ben Anderson and Arthur Ramer

A flamboyant Giancarlo Yannoulis plays a bemused Gary Stavrou