Thursday, 29 August 2019

Wednesday August 28

In spite of two of our regulars, Carol Wakelin and Grayham Rundle, being on overseas sojourns we had eleven players cross swords tonight.

Our newish player, Hamish Moore, was drawn as the jackpot player but could not capitalise on the opportunity but did manage a win against our Ladder Leader Arthur Ramer... an achievement in itself!

John Symon returned from a skiing holiday, obviously invigorated as he beat all in his path.

Results for the night were:

1st place John Symon
2nd place Gary Stavrou
3rd place Giancarlo Yannoulis

Friday, 23 August 2019

Wednesday August 21

A very robust group of 14 gathered for last night's tournament, including yet another new player!!

Welcome to Angelo Voulgaris – hope you will become another regular.

Mohammad Nejati was drawn as the jackpot player for the 2ndweek in a row and THIS time he scooped up 1st place and the jackpot pennies!! Well done !!

Final placings were:

Mohammad Nejati 1st, and jackpot winner

Jim Bean 2nd

Carol Wakelin and Gary Stavrou  shared 3rdplace

A very perplexed Giancarlo Yannoulis studies the state of play with Grayham Rundle.

Newbie Angelo Voulgaris and Jim Bean seem to be enjoying their game.

Eva BItel and Ben Anderson in an early match.

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Wednesday August 14

Eleven stalwarts fronted up to play tonight and Arthur Ramer was drawn as the jackpot player.

The jack pot is, however, still intact as Arthur failed to capitalise tonight and the final winners were

1stGiancarlo Yannoulis

2ndGrayham Rundle

3rdBen Anderson 

Mahnaz gets some post -game coaching from Mohammad.

Eva Bitel and Mohammad Nejati in the final round - it came right down to the last roll - Mohammad won.

As David Layman and Gary Stavrou battle it out, Giancarlo and Mohammad watch with interest.

Friday, 9 August 2019

Wednesday August 7

We were again thirteen for the Wednesday challenge, even with one or two stalwarts missing!

First item on the agenda was the selection of the Giantslayer, and David Layman again scored the chance to battle Arthur for 402 of his ladder points.

Rafael Chattah was picked as the jackpot player but was unsuccessful – better luck next time Raffa!

The final ranking were – Jim Bean 1st, Arthur Ramer 2ndand Giancarlo Yannoulis 3rd

See you all next week !!

TD Gary Stavrou and Giancarlo Yannoulis  - lots of concentration from them - John Symon is focussed on the skiing

Mohammad Nejati looks relaxed as Mahnaz Rostami makes her move

Eva and Hamish in the 9 point round

Friday, 2 August 2019

Wednesday July 31

An even dozen players arrived to play tonight, including two of the founding members who have been absent for a few weeks.

Eva Bitel has been absent on “medical leave” and it was great to see her back in front of a board.

John Symon also  returned after his last holiday – think he just comes back to do the laundry and pack for the next expedition!!

Hamish Moore, one of our newest players was drawn as the jackpot player but failed to scoop the pool.

Final results showed a tie between Arthur Ramer and Jim Bean, with David Layman trundling off with third place .

See you all next Wednesday– sorry about the lack of photos – the time got away from me – will try to do better next time.