Thursday, 26 September 2019

Wednesday September 25

A very robust group of 12 took to the boards tonight  and the first order of business was to draw the jackpot player.

Rafael Chattah was the jackpot pick of the day, but was unsuccessful this time.

Final placings were :

Gary Stavrou was top of the heap, John Symon just one point behind in second , and third place was split between Eva Bitel and Ned Marootians.

The final match of the night between John Symon and Mahnaz Rostami with interested observers Ned Marootians, Gary Stavrou and Mohammad Nejati

For those coming to the Canada Bay tournament on Sunday October 6th, please remember to set your clock forward on the Saturday so you arrive on time.
The final rolls in a match between David Layman and Ben Anderson

John Symon and Eva Bitel in an early match

Ned and Mahnaz in an early  tussle.

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Wednesday September 18

Ten players arrived for the evening's play and the newly returned Carol was chosen as the jackpot player.

Results for the giant slayer match between John Symon and Arthur Ramer were submitted, with Arthur retaining his points.

Final placings were:

TD Gary Stavrou 1st

Arthur Ramer 2nd

Breck McCormack 3rd

Mahnaz Rostami and Breck McCormack in a serious battle.

John Symon and  Eva Bitel battle for first round supremacy.

Mohammad Nejati and Angelo Voulgaris enjoying their first round match.

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Wednesday September 11

A total of twelve backgammoners faced off tonight.

It is worth repeating the late-comer rule as, unfortunately, two players were affected by it.

At 6.30 sharp the computer shuffles the names of those present.
If the number of players is odd, the computer randomly picks a player as the bye and 100 points are awarded for the un-played first round.

Players arriving after the shuffle are considered late-comers.
They may enter the tournament at the second round but, unlike a bye, are not awarded any points.

It was good to see Ned Marootians come tonight. 
We would like to see more of you, Ned.

David Layman was drawn as the Jackpot player but failed to capitalise on the opportunity.

The results for the evening were:

1st place, Gary Stavrou
2nd place, Jim Bean
3rd place, David Layman

Sorry for the lack of photos the last three weeks but our resident photographer, Carol, has been on holidays and will be back next week.

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Wednesday September 4

Spring fever must have struck our members as at least three of them are holidaying overseas.
Nevertheless we had nine starters and welcomed a new player to our club, Greg Woodhams.

Being the first Wednesday of the month we drew our Giantslayer for September to take on perennial Ladder Leader Arthur Ramer. John Symon now has the task of stripping Arthur of 427 points which, if he is successful, would be added to John's Ladder score.

Ben Anderson was drawn as the jackpot player but failed to capitalise.

Results for the evening were:

1st place to Gary Stavrou
2nd place to John Symon
3rd place to David Layman