Thursday, 28 January 2021

Wednesday January 27

 A smaller rollout tonight with only 14 players coming out to play.

 Gary Stavrou was selected as the jackpot player but a defeat in the first round at the dice of Carol Wakelin ensured that the pot stays firmly in place until at least next week.


Most  matches were finished within the allotted times frame but mention must be made of the final two games in the match between John Symon and Hammon Mans which saw almost all of the other players watching on with baited breath as the advantage swung back and forth in one of the most exciting back games I have ever seen.....


Final results were:


1st David Reitzin


2nd John Symon 


3rd Hammon Mans (proving you can end up in the winners' circle even    with a loss along the way!)

Susan Wan and Garry Byrne in an intense standoff.

Gary Stavrou and John Symon battle it out.

Thursday, 21 January 2021

Wednesday January 30

 Another busy Wednesday with 19 players fronting up to play “the game”


Susan Wan was drawn as the jackpot player but it was not to be .


Hammon Mans was the first round bye with a free pass and ended up winning the tournament.


The final results were:


1st Hammon Mans


2nd David Reitzin


3rd Jim Bean

Four pieces on the bar Susan Wan  - and Gary Stavrou's board is fairly full.

Carol Wakelin is back on the bar and David Reitzin's board looks very full.

Two happy chaps ...Angelo Voulgaris and Garry Byrne all set to play.

Newcomer James Marshall is holding his own against old timer John Symon - but it did not last!.

Thursday, 14 January 2021

Wednesday January 13

 Week two and only one of our  five new members from last week returned for another shot – what did we do wrong guys?


We were 16 players in all and John Symon was drawn as the jackpot player.


John aced the first two rounds but fell at the final hurdle (and we all breathed a sigh of relief – sort of!)


 The final results were :


Equal 1st Gary Stavrou and Jim Bean


3rd Peter Voulgaris 


Thanks to all who remembered to bring boards – please continue to do so.

TD Gary Stavrou and John Symon in the last round

Everyone waits on the outcome of the match between Susan Wan and Hammon Mans

Carol Wakelin plans strategy in her match with Susan Wan.

A couple of happy chappies- Garry and Kee Yio enjoying the tussle.

Thursday, 7 January 2021

Wednesday January 6

 Welcome to all who rolled up for the first Wednesday tourney for the New Year.


There were 15 starters – 10 regulars and 5 newies -a very promising start to the new year.


One of our new members, Ali Pedram started the year by cleaning up the top spot – well done! 


In contrast, Hammon Mans was drawn as the jackpot player and then received a bye in the first round – better luck next time Hammon!


Due to my having purchased a new phone in the last week, I only have 2 photos for today's newsletter – I promise to do better next week!


Please all try to bring a board with you – we nearly had a “situation” where we had more players than boards – thanks to North Ryde RSL for providing extras.



Final results were:


Equal 1st Ali Pedram and Peter Voulgaris


3rd Rafael Chattah


See you all next week !

Jim Bean takes on TD Gary Stavrou.

Jim Bean battles Hammon Mans with interested observers Angelo Voulgaris and Rafael Chattah watching from the sidelines.