Thursday, 21 March 2019

Wednesday March 20

An exclusive little band of 10 fronted up for tonight's tussle – a few members missing due to Persian new year celebrations.

Eva Bitel was drawn as the jackpot player – she and Gary seem to be sharing the honours with this!!

Tonight Eva was unable to take advantage of the draw and just  missed out on the pot.

The final results were:

Arthur Ramer 1st

Eva Bitel 2nd

And Gary Stavrou 3rd

The monthly Giant-slayer match between current leader Arthur Ramer and giant-slayer hopeful  Carol Wakelin, who is currently in 2nd spot, took place on Saturday .

Carol took the match 9 -5 but still did not manage to steal the top position, which Arthur retained.

See you all next week – and hopefully at the Sydney Open on April 7. Full details on the Events page.
John Symon and Arthur Ramer (standing) debate 6-4 opening moves for Mahnaz.

A happy Giancarlo Yannoulis battles with  Grayham Rundle in the 1st round.

A contemplative Gary Stavrou considers his options against Jim Bean.

Friday, 15 March 2019

Wednesday March 13

Once again we had a healthy even dozen players for tonight's tournament, with Andre squeaking in at the last minute to save Mahnez from sitting on the sidelines with a bye.

Gary was again drawn as the jackpot player – not that exciting as John Symon scooted off with it last week – and he was able to capitalise on this, taking the top spot.

Matches seemed to be played in record time tonight – maybe we are all finally getting used to the 1 hour time limit at last .

The final results were:

In top spot – Jackpot player and Tournament Director Gary Stavrou

Taking runner up – Jim Bean

In third position – Andre Marootians – one of our newest players

Reminders – this week we have THREE upcoming backgammon tournaments to put in your diary.

April 7 - the Sydney Open at Canada bay (full details on the Events Page).

July 6 – the 2019 New Zealand  Backgammon Championship in Auckland

September 15th– the Newcastle Open backgammon tournament in Charlestown

On the bar again, Mr Rundle

Eva Bitel and Grayham Rundle attracted quite a crowd

Not many pieces left to bear off on either side of the board between Gary stavrou and Andre Marootians

Saturday, 9 March 2019

Wednesday March 6

Another night for 13 happy players over the tables at North Ryde RSL!!!

The first item to be dealt with was the drawing of a new Giantslayer contender to battle Arthur Ramer for his points – Carol Wakelin was drawn and they will contest this on March 16th.

After the initial draw, John Symon was picked as this week's Jackpot player and he then proceeded to dispatch all 4 of his opponents in very short order, winning the night and the not-too-shabby $46 jackpot !!

Jackpot now back to ZERO!!

John Symon is perched on the bar again as Eva attempts an escape - didnt' work - John scooped up this match as well as all his other  tussles !!

Contemplative Gary Stavrou (R) v defensive Giancarlo  Yannoulis ... isn't body language analysis fun!

At least temporary tournament director Carol is smiling this time!!

A very intense group of players and supporters

(Almost) all the whole gang!!

Wednesday February 27

Tonight we had a bakers dozen – 13 – players for our Wednesday tournament, including two brand new members – welcome to Koko Minassian and Andre  Marootians, we hope you will both become regulars!!

Koko was drawn as the jackpot player but  did not capitalise on this.

Prior to tonight's play, Gary and Arthur had tackled the Giantslayer match, with Gary wresting 61 of Arthur's points away from him.

The last match of the night. Eva won.

David and Giancarlo battle on, with Mohammad an interested observer

Eva and Carol in the third round