Ladder and Challenges

AusBGF Ratings

Sydney Backgammoners is an affiliated club with the Australian Backgammon Federation. As such, all tournament results are included in the AusBGF Ratings.

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The Ladder

Sydney Backgammoners run a ranking Ladder system which is simply the players' cumulative score.

The Ladder starts afresh each January.
All people who have played with us during the current ladder period are represented in the Ladder.
This ranking is purely internal and not related to any national or international rating.
David Reitzin3606David Reitzin316
Gary Stavrou3167Gary Stavrou96
Jim Bean2841Jim Bean99
Angelo Voulgaris2824Angelo Voulgaris309
Hammon Mans2532Hammon Mans95
John Symon2471John Symon204
Peter Voulgaris2317Peter Voulgaris202
Kee Yio Wan2291Kee Yio Wan206
Carol Wakelin2089Carol Wakelin101
Susan Wan2047Susan Wan200
Garry Byrne1911Garry Byrne96
David Stubbs1716David Stubbs198
Mohammad Nejati1671Mohammad Nejati104
Giancarlo Yannoulis1477Giancarlo Yannoulis202
Rafael Chattah1437Rafael Chattah99
George Avramides1413  
Peter Koorey1373Peter Koorey-13
Jenny Saunders1174Jenny Saunders86
Andre Marootians1008  
Breck McCormack1004Breck McCormack100
Steve Clarry917Steve Clarry208
Dilhun Akpinar860Dilhun Akpinar-14
Ben Anderson582  
Ali Pedram313  
Ned Marootians312  
Andrew Scarf303Andrew Scarf203
Simon Strum295  
James Marshall290  
Thomas Johnstone209  
Pouria Khojasteh204  
Paul Barnett203Paul Barnett203
Wally Wiederman201  
Hamish Moore95  
Robert Coote48  
Peter Comino-18  

Club Champion

The Ladder Leader, at the conclusion of the last tournament of the year, will be declared Club Champion for the year and be presented with a beautiful trophy which will be cherished long after the prize money is forgotten. It is a useable 40mm crystal etched doubling cube which is sure to intimidate opponents.

Giantslayer Challenge

Champions must always be prepared to defend their titles.
Each month, the current Ladder Leader has to defend his/her position against a potential Giantslayer.

At the first meeting of each month, from the regular players present, one is randomly chosen to be the Giantslayer.
Whoever is Ladder Leader at the time, whether they are present at that meeting or not, is expected to meet the Giantslayer (either head-to-head or online) for a 9-point match during the month in question.

If the Ladder Leader loses the match then he/she will lose 5% of their total points (as at the beginning of the month) and these points will be transferred to the Giantslayer.

If the Ladder Leader wins there is no change to the scores.
If a match is not played within the designated time the Ladder Leader still forfeits the points but the Giantslayer does not receive them.
The match counts toward AusBGF ratings.

February        Hammon Mans                George Avramides                47            Hammon Mans (9-3)
March            David Reitzin                   Jim Bean                               93            David Reitzin (9-0)
April              David Reitzin                  Peter Voulgaris                      149          David Reitzin (9-1)


Player of the Month

The player who, over the period of a calendar month, has scored the most points shall be declared the Player of the Month and will be recognised as such on this web page.

Further, if the player is present at the first meeting of the following month, Sydney Backgammoners will pay for his or her tournament entry fee. Players of the Month will not be chosen in January or December as these are incomplete playing months.

February          David Reitzin                           
March          Gary Stavrou 

End-of-year Ladder Bonanza

At the last meeting of the year we offer the opportunity to our top Ladder scorers to win our Ladder  Bonanza.

The top three Ladder-ranked players who are playing on that occasion will win, should they be placed among the top three of the tournament, a money prize equivalent in dollars to their score.
This is over $300 if the night’s winner is also highly ranked in the Ladder.

You don’t have to be in the top three of the Ladder to be eligible. If any one or more of the top three players are not present on the night the positions will be filled by the next ranking players.

These money prizes are supplied by the club from the $2 nightly collections as a way of giving something back to our most regular and successful players.

Arthur Ramer $303