Thursday, 26 November 2020

Wednesday November 25

 Our second night back saw an increase of 4 players from last week with the return of Breck, Mohammad, Ned and Andre.


Jim Bean was drawn as the jackpot player but a defeat at the board of Carol Wakelin put paid to that in the 1st round... better luck next time Jim!


The final result was:


1st Ben Anderson


2nd Breck McCormack 


3rd John Symon.


 Some housekeeping:


I realise that we all have our own style and pace of play, but in the interest of sportsmanship, can we all try to be a bit more mindful of the time clock so all games are finished with a full score.....losing a position in the top 3 by a point is soul-destroying enough, but losing it because your game ran out of time is worse!

John Symon and Rafael Chattah in their first match of the night.

Susan Wan Takes on TD Gary Stavrou.


Breck McCormack and Andre Marootians look pretty happy to be back on the boards.

Thursday, 19 November 2020

Wednesday November 19

 “We're back”



After a year that has been alternately bizarre, scary, confining and unbelievable in so many ways, Sydney Backgammoners finally got the  OK to return to play at North Ryde RSL.


The bistro is again open for dinner and are now starting service at 5pm .


A select little group of 10 aficionados (tragics) turned up the 1st post-covid match – hopefully we will be joined next week by a few more of both old and new players as we resume play in the “new normal”  world.

The Jackpot carried over from pre-Covid with a value of $212.

Angelo drew the Jackpot spot but failed to convert it to a win.


Final positions were:


1st  Rafael Chattah


2nd David Layman


3rd Angelo Voulgaris

 See you all next week!!

Gary Stavrou and John Symon

David Layman and Susan Wan

Jim Bean and Giancarlo Yannoulis