Thursday, 12 March 2020

Wednesday March 11

Despite the Coronavirus threat, we still managed a good turnout last night with 14 stalwarts arriving to play.

Zhiman Rahmati was drawn as the nights jackpot player but missed out on this occasion. The jackpot now stands at over $200.

Final results were:

Ned Marootians and Jim Bean shared 1st place
Mohammad Nejati and Giancarlo Yannoulis shared 3rd place

It appears that Giancarlo Yannoulis (R) is a smidge in front and David Layman is not impressed.

Angelo Voulgaris and Grayham Rundle are a couple of happy chappies in a friendly match.

Andre Marootians is back on the bar again courtesy of Mahnaz Rostami.

Saturday, 7 March 2020

Wednesday March 4

Despite some of our regulars being missing in action we still managed to muster up a very healthy 18 players for tonight's  tournament – correction, 17 healthy and one walking wounded – Hamish has his arm in a sling due to a skateboarding incident! 

Two of these were first-timers and we welcome Garry Byrne and Hammon Mans to the group.

Carol Wakelin was drawn as the jackpot player but a first round loss at the hands of Ned Marootians (AGAIN!!!!) put that well and truly out of reach.

Final results were :

1st Hammon Mans , one of our new members!!

2nd Mohammad Nejati

3rd Hamish Moore


The Sydney Open is on at the Canada Bay Club on April 5 – please come 

The two cheekiest players of the night Ned Marootians and Zhiman Rahmati ham it up for the camera.

Gary Stavrou looks happy Breck McCormack not so much.

Angelo Voulgaris and Andre Marootians study the state of play.

Three matches in one shot. In the background newcomer Garry Byrne and Grayham Rundle, next pair is Jim Bean and David Layman and  in the front Hammon Mans another newbie playing Mahnaz Rostami.