Sunday, 24 November 2019

Wednesday November 20

A record eighteen players gathered to compete tonight, with Marie Chandler, introduced by Grayham Rundle, our newest competitor.

Hopefully we will see her again – welcome Marie!

Gary Stavrou was drawn as the jackpot contender but was shuffled out of the top spot  on this occasion by a very in-form John Symon.

Final placings were:

1st John Symon

2nd Breck McCormack

3rd Susan Wan

The ABF AGM is on this Saturday  prior to the Australian Open, all financial members welcome.

Ben Anderson versus Kee Yeo Wan with supporters Susan Wan and Rafael Chattah looking on.

Grayham Rundle and new player Marie Chandler in a fiendly match.

Jackpot hopeful Gary Stavrou battles Giancarlo Yannoulis.

Wednesday November 13

Only  fourteen contestants tonight – a few of our stalwarts were missing in action for various reasons.

Jackpot player was Rafael Chattah but tonight was not his night so the pot is in place for next week.

Final placings were:

1st Angelo Voulgaris 

2nd place was a three -way tie between  Gary Stavrou, Zhiman Rahmati and Grayham Rundle – that's a first!!

Rafael Chattah and Arthur Ramer in a tense tusssle.

Gary Stavrou and Mahnaz study the state of play

A couple of happy chappies - Grayham Rundle and Breck McCormack

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Wednesday October 30

Sixteen seems to be our magic number – think this the third week in a row we have had this number.

Mohammad Nejati was picked as the jackpot player, which again seems to be a regular occurrence, and this time he won!!

Well done Mohammad!!

The final placings were: 

1st Mohammad Nejati

2nd Mahnaz Rostami

3rd Arthur Ramer

Must be the last match to finish - Susan Wan and Giancarlo Yannoulis have a large number of spectators.

A couple of happy players - Carol Wakelin and Grayham Rundle in a match that came down to the last roll at 6-6

In the foreground John Symon is getting scuttled by Mahnaz Rostami and in the background Grayham Rundle and Angelo Voulgaris battle on