Thursday, 25 February 2021

Wednesday February 24

 A nice round number – 18 – arrived to play tonight.


Another new member joined the clan – welcome to David Stubbs, 

who managed a creditable fourth placing 1st night in – well done.


Susan Wan was drawn as the jackpot contender, and we all held our breath as she won all three of her matches, but alas, the margin was not enough to score her the dollars - better luck next time Susan.


Final results were:


1st Gary Stavrou 


2nd David Reitzin


3rd Susan Wan 

Jackpot contender Susan Wan and Angelo Voulgaris battle for the honours under the very watchful eyes of a stern Rafael Chattah

In the foregound David Reitzin and Mohammad Nejati do battle, whilst in the background brand new recruit David Stubbs and not so new Jenny Saunders  navigate their 2nd match

Giancarlo Yannoulis and Peter Koorey study the state of play

Thursday, 18 February 2021

Wednesday February 15

 Tonight saw 17 players rock up to play, including yet another new recruit – welcome to Dilhun Akpinar.


Dropping him in at the deep end, Dilhun was then drawn as the jackpot player for the night – no pressure!!


Jenny Saunders , last week's new addition, came back to play and ended up in the placings, scoring a very respectable 2nd place by scuttling the formidable David Reitzin by 3 points – this in only her second time of playing with the cube – well done Jenny!


In this week of girlpower, first place was taken by Carol Wakelin over Hammon Mans, a big surprise for both of them!


John  Symon took third spot  behind the girls.


Honourable mention goes to Susan Wan, who snuck in at fifth place – we are aiming for an all girl top three, ladies – “A” game next week please.


Final placings:


1st    Carol Wakelin


2nd   Jenny Saunders


3rd   John Symon 

It's all very serious on the top table between TD Gary Stavrou and Peter Koorey.

Carol Wakelin and Hammon Mans in the last match of the night.

Jenny Saunders facing Rafael Chattah in in the 2nd round.

Friday, 12 February 2021

Wednesday February 10

 A healthy 18 players came to play tonight – we love even numbers,  no bye required!

 Rafael Chattah was drawn as the Jackpot player, but had an underwhelming night and missed his chance – better luck next time Raf!


We welcomed a new player, Jenny Saunders – great to have another lady in the game.


The final results were:


1st Angelo Voulgaris


2nd David Reitzin


3rd Jim Bean


From next week we will begin the earlier start, please try to arrive before 6.15 pm .

Susan Wan and Angelo Voulgaris are taking this very seriously...

Hammon Mans and George Avramides are having a good game!.

Andre Marootians and new recruit Jenny Saunders play an early match with interested onlookers David Reitzen and Mohammad Nejati.

Thursday, 4 February 2021

Wednesday February 3

 A good turnout tonight – 17 players came to play!

 Angelo Voulgaris was picked as the jackpot player but failed to capitalise on his  selection on this occasion. 


George Avramides scored the opportunity to relieve ladder leader Hammon Mans of some of his points in the monthly Giant Slayer battle.


Results will be announced when they are available.


The final results were:


1st  George Avramides


2nd  John Symon


3rd  Jim Bean


Just in case you did not notice – 


Gary has Sydney Backgammoners  caps for sale for $20 on the front table – a great way to support the club and protect from the sun.

The battle of the Garys - on the left TD Gary Stavrou , on the right Garry Byrne with John Symon and interested observer.

Carol Wakelin and Garry Byrne in the 2nd round

John Symon and a heavily camouflaged Hammon Mans take time out for a game just for fun.

Gary Stavrou and Hammon Mans proudly displaying their new Sydney Backgammoners caps.