Thursday, 17 December 2020

Wednesday December 16

 The last night of the (Sydney Backgammoners) year and we welcomed 17 players, including two new members , Peter Koorey and Paul Barnett.


Andre Marootians was drawn as the jackpot player (again!!)

but missed out, so there is a healthy purse to start the new year.



The final placings were:


1st Peter Voulgaris 


2nd Jim Bean


3rd Garry Byrne


Please have a wonderful and safe holiday period and we shall meet again on 6th January.

A worried looking Ben Anderson (R) tussles with Andre Marootians

New member Peter Koorey and Breck McCormack battle it out

Garry Byrne and Giancarlo Yannoulis in a serious game watched by some interested observers

Thursday, 10 December 2020

Wednesday December 9

 Tonight's roll-up was a healthy 17 players with 1 additional kibitzer observing with a view to joining us .


Ned Marootians was  drawn as the jackpot player but a middle round loss put paid to that possibility.


Final results were :


1st John Symon


2nd Giancarlo Yannoulis


3rd Andre Marootians 


Well done all...


Look forward to having you all back next week for the final competition of what has been a very different year – hopefully next year will be a little less logistically challenging and we can continue to play face to face and enjoy the social aspects of this wonderful game as well as the competing aspects.

Susan Wan and Ben Anderson in what was a very long last game of the night

Giancarlo Yannoulis battles Peter Voulgaris with Angelo Voulgaris cheering from the sidelines

Andre Marootians and Hammon Mans looking very serious


Thursday, 3 December 2020

Wednesday December 2

 And the numbers increase.... again!!

 17 members turned up tonight – welcome back David Reitzin, Hammon Mans and George Avramides  


Andre Marootians was drawn as the jackpot player but a 2nd round loss saw an end to his chances. 


The last date for play in 2020 is December 16th - if you get withdrawals there is always Galaxy or Safe Harbor games …..


Play will resume on  January 6, 2021 


Final results were...


1st  David Reitzin


2nd Ned Marootians


Susan Wan

Hammon Mans shows his lucky dice to George Avramides who doesn't seem too worried.

The backgammon version of the three wise men Andre Marootians, Gary Stavrou
and Giancarlo Yannoulis

Another Voulgaris joins the club ...Peter battles Ben Anderson

Angelo Voulgaris and Susan Wan in the 2nd round