Friday, 26 July 2019

Wednesday July 24

A baker's dozen of players fronted up to rattle their dice last night, including a new addition to the group, welcome to Breck McCormack.

Breck drew a bye in the first round – a nice start to his  night, giving him points before even opening up a board.

Carol Wakelin, newly returned from her holiday in Thailand, was drawn as the jackpot player and managed to win two of her games, but this was not enough to scoop up the pennies this time.

The final result was :

1st Arthur Ramer

2nd David Layman

3rd Mohammad Nejati

Jim Bean takes some time for study - but it was bridge - not backgammon.

Grayham Rundle has Hamish Moore penned in - for now

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Wednesday July 17

For the second time in two weeks the jackpot was won tonight.
But, as opposed to last week's large jackpot, tonight's was new and young and taken by Arthur Ramer.
A mere $11 reflecting an attendance of 11 players.

Second place went to Rafael Chattah and third to Jim Bean.

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Wednesday July 10

No photos today as our resident photographer, Carol Wakelin, is on holidays.

We had a field of nine players and experienced an unexpected but pleasant surprise.
Mahnaz Rostami, who is a relatively new player, not only won the night but took out the jackpot which had grown to a healthy $159. 
Congratulations, Mahnaz, well done.

As a serendipitous aside, Mahnaz was bemoaning being booked on her way to the game.
Her jackpot will more than compensate her transgression.

Second place was taken by Giancarlo Yannoulis and third by David Layman.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Wednesday July 3

Despite a large number of our regular members being away, we still had a healthy group of ten players battling over the boards last night.

Carol Wakelin was again T. D. in Gary Stavrou's absence.

Computer issues delayed the start but we finally got underway and chose Rafael Chattah as the nights jackpot player and David Layman as this month's Giantslayer contender.

The final result was:

1st Jim Bean

2nd David Layman 

3rd Grayham Rundle