Thursday, 8 April 2021

Wednesday April 7

 We were 19 players tonight and the opening item was the draw for the Player of the Month, who was TD Gary Stavrou.

The jackpot player draw followed and Robert Coote had the honour for the night, however he was not successful on this occasion.


The Giantslayer draw was next and Garry Byrne was offered the opportunity but he declined and the redraw gave Peter Voulgaris the chance to wrest 149 of David Reitzin's hard-won points from him.


The final results were:


1st  Jim Bean


1st Gary Stavrou


3rd David Stubbs

Kee Yio Wan is up on the bar and Garry Byrne is looking for he next chequer to hit

David Stubbs and Peter Voulgaris battle it out

David Reitzin and John Symon study the board with Andre Marootians watching from the sidelines

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