Thursday, 29 November 2018

Wednesday November 28

Flash floods in Sydney kept our numbers down to an intrepid seven. It was great to see Sam Kocharian back again.

Our house photographer, Carol Wakelin, was away tending to water ingress in her home... hence no photos today.
Had there been photos they would have shown a beaming Gary Stavrou achieve the trifecta of winning the night, being the jackpot winner (a healthy $69) and being the current Ladder Leader.
However, the Ladder prize may well be lost to Gary as he faces a yet-to-be-chosen Giantslayer next month.

Eva Bitel took second prize and John Symon third.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Wednesday November 21

Another Wednesday with an even 8 backgammon aficionados competing for top spot.

Eva Bitel was again the jackpot player, and again could not scoop it – jackpot now stands at $62.

A new 5 point match format was trialled tonight in an effort to bring the close out time to a more reasonable hour – it worked but not in a major way – it was still close to 11pm .

The final placing were – Jim Bean 1st, David Reitzin 2nd and David Layman 3rd.

TD Gary Stavrou and David Reitzin in a final round tussle

Don't think Eva liked that roll

Double concentration

Friday, 16 November 2018

Wednesday November 14

A tidy little group of 8 turned up tonight to battle over the boards.

David Layman returned from his gallivanting to join us.

Gary Stavrou was drawn as the jackpot hopeful but failed to capitalise on this – the jackpot purse now stands at a healthy $54.

As Eva Bitel was missing in action, it was up to Carol to defend the female honour – I failed – but there is always next week. 

The final placings were: David Reitzin at the top of the heap, Mohammad Nejati  second and Gary Stavrou took out third place.

Hope to see you all next week!

John Symon and Jim with an interested observer
Judging by the smile this match was going Garys way

Arthur and John  in a very interesting match

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Wednesday November 7

A select group of 8 rocked up on a wet and windy Sydney night to battle over the boards.

Eva Bitel was again drawn as our jackpot holder, but an early loss in the 1st round at the dice of Carol Wakelin put paid to that .

In spite of this, Eva persevered, taking home third spot.

First place was taken by David Reitzin (again!) and Jim Bean finished 2nd.

As this was the first meeting of the month, a giant slayer player was selected to challenge Eva, who is at the top of the “Tree” for her points.

Mohammad and Eva will play this match sometime over the next 4 weeks – we look forward to hearing the result.

Mohammad Nejati and John Symon

Eva Bitel and Mohammad Nejati in round 4

Eva and Gary

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Wednesday October 31

Eleven players avoided the trick or treaters by turning up to play tonight.

Martin was again drawn as the jackpot player but a loss in the 2nd round put paid to that.

After 4 spirited rounds we had  our newest member, Olha Sagradian, scoop the pool besting some of our longest serving members on the way.  David Reitzin took 2nd and Eva Bitel picked up third spot (plus a very sweet $2 side bet from John Symon, one of Olha's victims on the way !!)

The other female player (yours truly) let the side down – but there is always next week!

Well done Olha – more girlpower for the club!!

The Australian open is on this weekend – see you there.

Arthur and Martin in a tense final battle
Our newest member is also our newest winner - congratulations Olha Sagradian
A MONEY match for a massive two dollars - Eva won

Gary tackles David