Friday, 14 December 2018

Wednesday December 12

On the final night of play for the year we had healthy 11 players.
As expected in the “silly season” a few of our regulars were missing in action but Susan and Kee Yio Wan played with us for the first time and  the return of Richard Jedrychowski brought up the numbers.

Mohammad was drawn as our jackpot hopeful but was  unable to take advantage of this and our jackpot is safe till 2019!

The final set of winners were:

Richard Jedrychowski in first place, John Symon in 2ndand Giancarlo Yannoulis in 3rd.

The final task of the evening was the presentation of the dinner voucher to Gary Stavrou, the winner of the club ladder. Eva Bitel handled this with her her usual savoire faire, but I felt it was a little unfair of her to admonish him to not eat too much – its a hard earned prize Gary, you tuck in as much as you like!!!

8 of our players  in the early matches

The presentation to the Ladder Leader

1st placegetter Richard Jedrychowski battles with Eva Bitel as Giancarlo, Mohammed and Kee Yio watch

The girls

Kee Yio and David Layman

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Wednesday December 5

Eight stalwarts rocked up to play last night, and as usual, it was a night of spirited play.

Eva was drawn as the jackpot player yet again, but we can all relax – it was not won!!

As it was the first December play night, the Giantslayer was also drawn – Gary will be taken on by Giancarlo in the battle for Gary's hard won points.

The final result was:

Top cocky Gary Stavrou
Runner up rooster Giancarlo Yannoulis
David Reitzin and Jim Bean tied for third spot and spilt the spoils - $6 each – chickenfeed, but we all know that we are not in this for the money!

The other four players ended up as varying degrees of feather dusters – me included!!

Roll on next week ( which is the final play night for 2018)

David Reitzin and Mohammad Nejati