Thursday, 25 October 2018

Wednesday October 24

A Sydney evening without rain - finally - saw an even dozen players rock up for play tonight.

NSW Open winner Martin Sagradian introduced his wife Ohla to Wednesday play – more very welcome Girl-power!!!

Alex Lutsenko also joined us again and managed to take out top spot – well done!!

Alex's victory also meant that David Reitzin's tilt at the jackpot pool was unsuccessful.

The final placing were:

Alex Lutsenko first, Arthur Ramer 2nd and David Reitzin third.

Well done all, and don't forget that the Australian open is just 10 days away at the Persian Rose on November 3 and 4.

Mohammad and Giancarlo battle it out with David gleaning the finer points of the game

Husband and wife Martin and Ohla compete

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Wednesday October 17

Sydney's ongoing inclement weather  kept all but the keenest of the game's aficionados away tonight – leaving a small but enthusiastic band of 7 to compete for the spoils of the night.

TD Gary was drawn as the jackpot player but could not take it away on this occasion.

During the week, the monthly “Giant Slayer” match between incumbent Gary Stavrou and hopeful challenger Carol Wakelin took place.

Gary held on to his points, and, in deference to the challenger, we won't mention the score, except to note that one side of the score sheet remained blank!!

The final result for the night was another 1st placing for David Reitzin, 2nd for Arthur Ramer and Carol Wakelin recovered a little form to sneak away with 3rd.

Don't forget - the Australian Open Backgammon Tournament is less than a month away on the 3rd and 4th of November – venue is the Persian Rose Restaurant in Turramurra.

Finally, another little housekeeping note: our Nemo money was short one contribution last night.
These funds help us provide diversity in the number and type of tournaments we can run – please try to remember your $2.

Have a great week and see you next Wednesday.

David Reitzin attempting to best Gray Stavrou in the final round- he did it.
Eva Bitel and Mohammad Nejati in the final round.j

A couple of quick matches saw Eva Bitel and Carol Wakelin have time for a chat

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Wednesday October 10

A select little group of 8 braved the rain to play tonight.

As regular TD Gary was absent, the night was run by Carol, luckily with no hiccups!!!

Eva Bitel, was again the jackpot player but was unsuccessful on this occasion – the $8 is still in the kitty .

Final placing were :
Arthur Ramer 1st, Jim Bean 2nd and Carol Wakelin scraped in to 3rd.

No photos this week, the photographer was busy running the tournament  - note to self, must work on my multi tasking skills!!

See you all next week  - hope the dice fairy is kind to you.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Wednesday October 3

Tonight attracted a nice even 8 players.

Eva Bitel was again drawn as the jackpot player, and this time there was no-one able to stop her as she cleaned up the night and jackpot pool.

During the evening, the new giant slayer player was randomly selected, and this month Carol Wakelin will attempt to wrest Gary's points from him.

The final result was Eva Bitel firmly at the top of the tree, Arthur in 2nd and Gary took third spot.

Just a reminder... last night we had a match go over time and consequently the last game started on 2 and was then offered and accepted so they were playing for 4 points.

This is not an ideal way to end match – can we please all be mindful of the time constraints and try just a wee bit harder to play within these?

See you next week  - happy rolling !!

Gary and Jim

Eva and Jim