Thursday, 30 August 2018

Wednesday August 29

On this last, very chilly Wednesday of winter we were 10 backgammon boarders.

Gary S drew the jackpot guernsey but was unable to take advantage and scoop the pool.

After 4 hours of intense rolling Eva cemented herself in top spot with a definitive victory over Mohammed  N  - girl power strikes again !!!

Unfortunately the only other member of the fair sex in this week's comp trailed in at a very sorry 2ndlast – c├ęst la vie – maybe next week!!

Arthur took 2ndspot and Jim B put in a solid performance to claim 3rd.....well done all!!

Some housekeeping:

Our members' weekly $2 club contributions (into our Nemo money-box) allows those members who subsidised the hire of the room for the NSW Open to be reimbursed by next week, and the Nemo funds can now be put towards some goodies for upcoming events.

Hopefully next week we will have at least one new player in our ranks -see you all at the tables!!

Eva and David R do battle
Giancarlo Y and David L in an early match

Backgammon central..Arthur and T.D. Gary in serious mode

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Wednesday August 22

Ten regulars, one newbie, and one interested observer arrived for last night's tournament and a good night was had by all.

Welcome to Yulan Ye and Graham, hopefully you will come back and play with us again soon.

Arthur was drawn as the jackpot player, and  as no-one was able to get under his armour, the jackpot was won for the third time in as many weeks, $11 being added to his total for the main competition.

Some contenders were lucky enough to play on Gary's beautiful new board  which is really quite special. Not me, unfortunately, maybe next week.

Just a reminder – Newcastle Open is on September 16 and the Australian open takes place on November 3 and 4 – come along  for some solid play .
Richard loses a close match with David R (6-5)
Players appreciate the running scores and time clock being displayed on a large screen

Mohammed and Gary battle for supremacy on Gary's beautiful new leather board

Friday, 17 August 2018

Wednesday Aug 15

An interesting night with nine players competing for the honours .

Carol W was drawn as the jackpot player and managed to capitalise on this taking top spot and the jackpot of …...wait for it.....$9 ….but we all know its NOT about the money !!!

Gary hung on in for 2ndplace , with  Arthur snaffling 3rdprize.

Gary's 2ndplace win puts him on top of the ladder  for this week, but Eva is snapping at his heels in second spot .

A good night was had by all – see you all next week !!

David L and Eva
The final match.... Gary and Carol

An intense Giancarlo studies the state of play between Mohammed and John

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Wednesday August 8

We had a field of eight players tonight.
It turned out to be Gary's night as he not only won the tournament but was the Jackpot player for the night, which netted him a further $30 
Eva and Jim tied for second place.

It was good to see a "blast from the past" when Ned Maroutians dropped in on us.
We look forward to Ned becoming a regular Sydney Backgammoner.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Wednesday August 1st

Due to an unexpected confluence of events we only had four players for the night.

The flexibility of our Swiss computer program allowed us to change the format to three 7-point matches.

Although Gary was the Jackpot player for the night he was roundly beaten by David L, the only player to win all rounds and who consequently was the night's winner.

Being the first meeting of the month, it was time to find our Giantslayer, who was randomly chosen to be Eva. Eva will play our Ladder Leader, Jim, in a 9-point match and take 76 points from his score if she beats him.