Friday, 22 June 2018

A Night of Firsts

Wednesday June 20

Tonight was a night for firsts – first night playing our new Swiss format that will be used for the NSW open, and the first time we have played in the larger Auditorium, which is the venue for the open. We shall be in the Auditorium again next week as our regular venue, the Darts Room, is being used as the viewing hub for the World Cup.

Eight players took to the tables and the new system worked well, with only 1 match getting close to running out of time.

Having the current rankings and results up on the VERY big screen adds to the excitement of the evening – the new format also produces a ladder at the end of the night so players can chart their rise (or fall) over the year . This replaces the ladder system we have used until now. Also, the evening's scores will be published beside the ladder.

Entry money is divided  into dividends for the first 3 places, with 10% being put aside for a jackpot.

The jackpot player is randomly chosen at the start of the night – if he or she becomes the tournament winner (or equal winner), whatever is in the jackpot kitty at the time is added to their winnings .

The jackpot player this week was John S. As it was not won, it starts at $8 for next week

The tournament winner was Giancarlo Y., David R took 2ndplace and Gary S and Carol W tied for third, the prize money being split between them.

No winners photos this week -we were all too busy adjusting to the new format!!

I will try to get some up for next week !!

P.S – an apology !!

Last week I reported that David L had taken a top spot, with Eva B as second – the actual result was the other way around – I promise to  be more careful from now on.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Strong competition

June 13

Better weather and a lack of major sporting events meant that we again had 10 starters, resulting in two teams of 5.

David L, Eva B, John S, Carol W and Giancarlo Y battled for the hearts team, with David L taking number 1 spot and  and Eva B hanging on to 2nd.

With three hearts  players on 3 victories it came down to points against to determine a winner – very close !!

The spades team was comprised of Mohammed N, Amir H, Sam K, Gary S and David R. 

The two top players were Sam K and David R, taking 1st and 2nd respectively.

Eva B in the midst of yet another win
The two top Spades. In this case youth triumphed over experience.
David L was a study in intense concentration

Friday, 8 June 2018

A small and exclusive group

June 6

It was a very small and exclusive group that turned up to play on June 6th.

State of Origin and the appalling weather  combined to keep some of our regulars away – hopefully they will be back with us next week.

Four of us played a regular 7 point round robin, with John S again taking top spot ( three weeks in a  row – this is becoming a habit)  and Sam K, one of our newest members, coming in a close second.

We roll again next Wednesday  - hope you can join us.

Friday, 1 June 2018

A quieter night

30 May

Maybe the cold kept all but the most dedicated 9 players at home tonight.

Even so, we welcomed yet another new player, Amir, to our group.

Two groups fought for supremacy -

Gary S emerged triumphant in the “Hearts” group of 4 taking top spot, with points against being the defining factor that bumped an unlucky Sam K down to 2nd.

The  5-player “Spades” group  saw a double repeat of  last weeks honours John S, and Carol W again taking  1stand 2ndrespectively.

Thanks to all who braved the cold – the new ladder is now posted, with Arthur retaining his prime position despite not making it tonight !!