Friday, 25 May 2018

Our biggest night last Wednesday

23 May

Sydney Backgammoners’ biggest night so  far in our new home.

13 Players in total battled over the boards in two groups of 4 playing 7-point matches, and one group of 5 playing 6-pointers.

GiancarloYannoulis triumphed (for the 2nd week in a row) in the “Hearts” group, with David Reitzin coming in 2nd.

John Symon, rested and refreshed after an extensive Queensland sojourn, scooped top honours in the “Diamonds” group, with Carol Wakelin picking up 2nd.

Arthur Ramer was the only player in the “Spades” group of 5 to have 3 wins, so top spot was his and Eva Bitel pocketed 2nd prize.

Thanks to all for coming – the new ladder is in the "Ladder" tab – see you  next week when we will roll the dice again!!

Monday, 14 May 2018

Photos from recent Wednesday night matches

4 April

Giancarlo and David, in the background, are taking their match very seriously
 whereas Gary and Eva strike a lighter mood.

You’ll find it all at Sydney Backgammoners

Eva is the President of the Australian Backgammon Federation
and Gary is the convener of our Wednesday night matches.

14 March

The tournament in full flight

Hassan plays Jim in our room which we share with the darts team

John seems remarkably calm as Eva prepares to attack

Jamshid has made an advanced anchor. Is Gary worried yet?

David plays Carol, our go-to person and web contact.
Check out the interesting murals in our beautiful meeting room.