Friday, 14 December 2018

Wednesday December 12

On the final night of play for the year we had healthy 11 players.
As expected in the “silly season” a few of our regulars were missing in action but Susan and Kee Yio Wan played with us for the first time and  the return of Richard Jedrychowski brought up the numbers.

Mohammad was drawn as our jackpot hopeful but was  unable to take advantage of this and our jackpot is safe till 2019!

The final set of winners were:

Richard Jedrychowski in first place, John Symon in 2ndand Giancarlo Yannoulis in 3rd.

The final task of the evening was the presentation of the dinner voucher to Gary Stavrou, the winner of the club ladder. Eva Bitel handled this with her her usual savoire faire, but I felt it was a little unfair of her to admonish him to not eat too much – its a hard earned prize Gary, you tuck in as much as you like!!!

8 of our players  in the early matches

The presentation to the Ladder Leader

1st placegetter Richard Jedrychowski battles with Eva Bitel as Giancarlo, Mohammed and Kee Yio watch

The girls

Kee Yio and David Layman

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Wednesday December 5

Eight stalwarts rocked up to play last night, and as usual, it was a night of spirited play.

Eva was drawn as the jackpot player yet again, but we can all relax – it was not won!!

As it was the first December play night, the Giantslayer was also drawn – Gary will be taken on by Giancarlo in the battle for Gary's hard won points.

The final result was:

Top cocky Gary Stavrou
Runner up rooster Giancarlo Yannoulis
David Reitzin and Jim Bean tied for third spot and spilt the spoils - $6 each – chickenfeed, but we all know that we are not in this for the money!

The other four players ended up as varying degrees of feather dusters – me included!!

Roll on next week ( which is the final play night for 2018)

David Reitzin and Mohammad Nejati

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Wednesday November 28

Flash floods in Sydney kept our numbers down to an intrepid seven. It was great to see Sam Kocharian back again.

Our house photographer, Carol Wakelin, was away tending to water ingress in her home... hence no photos today.
Had there been photos they would have shown a beaming Gary Stavrou achieve the trifecta of winning the night, being the jackpot winner (a healthy $69) and being the current Ladder Leader.
However, the Ladder prize may well be lost to Gary as he faces a yet-to-be-chosen Giantslayer next month.

Eva Bitel took second prize and John Symon third.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Wednesday November 21

Another Wednesday with an even 8 backgammon aficionados competing for top spot.

Eva Bitel was again the jackpot player, and again could not scoop it – jackpot now stands at $62.

A new 5 point match format was trialled tonight in an effort to bring the close out time to a more reasonable hour – it worked but not in a major way – it was still close to 11pm .

The final placing were – Jim Bean 1st, David Reitzin 2nd and David Layman 3rd.

TD Gary Stavrou and David Reitzin in a final round tussle

Don't think Eva liked that roll

Double concentration

Friday, 16 November 2018

Wednesday November 14

A tidy little group of 8 turned up tonight to battle over the boards.

David Layman returned from his gallivanting to join us.

Gary Stavrou was drawn as the jackpot hopeful but failed to capitalise on this – the jackpot purse now stands at a healthy $54.

As Eva Bitel was missing in action, it was up to Carol to defend the female honour – I failed – but there is always next week. 

The final placings were: David Reitzin at the top of the heap, Mohammad Nejati  second and Gary Stavrou took out third place.

Hope to see you all next week!

John Symon and Jim with an interested observer
Judging by the smile this match was going Garys way

Arthur and John  in a very interesting match

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Wednesday November 7

A select group of 8 rocked up on a wet and windy Sydney night to battle over the boards.

Eva Bitel was again drawn as our jackpot holder, but an early loss in the 1st round at the dice of Carol Wakelin put paid to that .

In spite of this, Eva persevered, taking home third spot.

First place was taken by David Reitzin (again!) and Jim Bean finished 2nd.

As this was the first meeting of the month, a giant slayer player was selected to challenge Eva, who is at the top of the “Tree” for her points.

Mohammad and Eva will play this match sometime over the next 4 weeks – we look forward to hearing the result.

Mohammad Nejati and John Symon

Eva Bitel and Mohammad Nejati in round 4

Eva and Gary

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Wednesday October 31

Eleven players avoided the trick or treaters by turning up to play tonight.

Martin was again drawn as the jackpot player but a loss in the 2nd round put paid to that.

After 4 spirited rounds we had  our newest member, Olha Sagradian, scoop the pool besting some of our longest serving members on the way.  David Reitzin took 2nd and Eva Bitel picked up third spot (plus a very sweet $2 side bet from John Symon, one of Olha's victims on the way !!)

The other female player (yours truly) let the side down – but there is always next week!

Well done Olha – more girlpower for the club!!

The Australian open is on this weekend – see you there.

Arthur and Martin in a tense final battle
Our newest member is also our newest winner - congratulations Olha Sagradian
A MONEY match for a massive two dollars - Eva won

Gary tackles David

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Wednesday October 24

A Sydney evening without rain - finally - saw an even dozen players rock up for play tonight.

NSW Open winner Martin Sagradian introduced his wife Ohla to Wednesday play – more very welcome Girl-power!!!

Alex Lutsenko also joined us again and managed to take out top spot – well done!!

Alex's victory also meant that David Reitzin's tilt at the jackpot pool was unsuccessful.

The final placing were:

Alex Lutsenko first, Arthur Ramer 2nd and David Reitzin third.

Well done all, and don't forget that the Australian open is just 10 days away at the Persian Rose on November 3 and 4.

Mohammad and Giancarlo battle it out with David gleaning the finer points of the game

Husband and wife Martin and Ohla compete

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Wednesday October 17

Sydney's ongoing inclement weather  kept all but the keenest of the game's aficionados away tonight – leaving a small but enthusiastic band of 7 to compete for the spoils of the night.

TD Gary was drawn as the jackpot player but could not take it away on this occasion.

During the week, the monthly “Giant Slayer” match between incumbent Gary Stavrou and hopeful challenger Carol Wakelin took place.

Gary held on to his points, and, in deference to the challenger, we won't mention the score, except to note that one side of the score sheet remained blank!!

The final result for the night was another 1st placing for David Reitzin, 2nd for Arthur Ramer and Carol Wakelin recovered a little form to sneak away with 3rd.

Don't forget - the Australian Open Backgammon Tournament is less than a month away on the 3rd and 4th of November – venue is the Persian Rose Restaurant in Turramurra.

Finally, another little housekeeping note: our Nemo money was short one contribution last night.
These funds help us provide diversity in the number and type of tournaments we can run – please try to remember your $2.

Have a great week and see you next Wednesday.

David Reitzin attempting to best Gray Stavrou in the final round- he did it.
Eva Bitel and Mohammad Nejati in the final round.j

A couple of quick matches saw Eva Bitel and Carol Wakelin have time for a chat

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Wednesday October 10

A select little group of 8 braved the rain to play tonight.

As regular TD Gary was absent, the night was run by Carol, luckily with no hiccups!!!

Eva Bitel, was again the jackpot player but was unsuccessful on this occasion – the $8 is still in the kitty .

Final placing were :
Arthur Ramer 1st, Jim Bean 2nd and Carol Wakelin scraped in to 3rd.

No photos this week, the photographer was busy running the tournament  - note to self, must work on my multi tasking skills!!

See you all next week  - hope the dice fairy is kind to you.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Wednesday October 3

Tonight attracted a nice even 8 players.

Eva Bitel was again drawn as the jackpot player, and this time there was no-one able to stop her as she cleaned up the night and jackpot pool.

During the evening, the new giant slayer player was randomly selected, and this month Carol Wakelin will attempt to wrest Gary's points from him.

The final result was Eva Bitel firmly at the top of the tree, Arthur in 2nd and Gary took third spot.

Just a reminder... last night we had a match go over time and consequently the last game started on 2 and was then offered and accepted so they were playing for 4 points.

This is not an ideal way to end match – can we please all be mindful of the time constraints and try just a wee bit harder to play within these?

See you next week  - happy rolling !!

Gary and Jim

Eva and Jim

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Wednesday September 26

Once again a select little group of seven gathered to to compete tonight

Eva Bitel was the lady with the target on her back as the jackpot player but, despite her track record as a formidable opponent, Eva was unable to capitalise on the moment.

The final result was David Reitzin in first spot, Gary Stavrou took 2nd and Jim Bean came in third .

The result means that Gary Stavrou stays in the top spot on the ladder and a random player will be drawn next week to again challenge him for his points – should be an interesting battle!!

Just in case any of our members are not aware, Gary, Eva, John Symon, Giancarlo and myself (Carol) meet at about 5.30 in the bistro for a meal before the competition starts......please come and join us if you can – the food is very nice, reasonably priced and the company is, of course, excellent!!

David Reitzin and Giancarlo
Gary and Jim

Mohammad looks happy - Eva not so much

Friday, 21 September 2018

Wednesday 19th September

An exclusive little group of six fronted up for play tonight.

Arthur was drawn as the jackpot player  and he was successful in capitalising on it and scooping the not-very-large jackpot amount – back to square one for next week.

The final result for the night was Jackpot player Arthur Ramer in 1st, Jim Bean took 2nd and Mohammad Netjati and Gary tied for 3rdspot – Mohammad kindly donated his winnings to the Nemo fund- thank you !!

During the week Giantslayer match was played between top spot holder and tournament director Gary Stavrou and the randomly selected contender, Giancarlo Yannoulis.

Unhappily for Gary, the contender prevailed and 121 points changed hands as a result.

Congratulations to Martin Sagradian for his win in the Newcastle open last weekend – always good when Sydney-siders can steal their silverware – well done!!

The Australian Open is not far away on November 3 and 4 – hope to see all our players at the Persian Rose for a spirited competition.

Gary and Jim enjoy a break between matches

Arthur and Mohammad

Saturday, 15 September 2018


The following changes have been made to our Club Tournament Rules to better conform with international practice.

Players must point out and correct all illegal moves or actions noticed before the opponent has made a valid move, otherwise the move stands.
Premature rolling of the dice is an illegal action and must be retracted.

A starting position error must be corrected if noticed before the opening player has rolled twice, otherwise it stands. A player starting with fewer than 15 checkers may still lose a gammon.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Wednesday September 12

A record 12 players turned up for last night's play – the most we have had for a while.

Proud new dad Sam was drawn as the jackpot player but Eva put paid to that in the first round.

After some spirited and very close matches the eventual winner was David Reitzin ( this is becoming a habit) with Carol Wakelin scooping 2nd( a rare occurrence) and John Symon a close third.

A few of our payers are off to the Newcastle Open this Sunday – good luck to all.

This tournament is a great lead in to the Australian Open on 3 and 4 November - hope to see all our regulars at the Persian Rose for what promises to be a very enjoyable day.

May the dice be with you!!
Eventual 1st and 3rd place getters David Reitzin (R) and John Symon do battle

Eva and and Giancarlo tussle in the mid-round matches

Faraz Demehri (L) returned to the group tonight - seen here battling with Mohammed Nejati

A slightly perplexec  David Layman is tackled by Mohammad

Friday, 7 September 2018

Wednesday September 5

Tonight's roll-up was a healthy 10 starters and it was lovely to have Martin Sagradian join us for the first time in our new abode.

After the “shuffle” Martin was picked as the jackpot player but  was pipped in one game and missed out.

At one stage there was  possibility of a girl power twosome at the top of the heap, but a third round pairing of the two ladies put paid to that, with Eva staging a late comeback after trailing 4-0 to Carol.

The final placings were David Reitzin in top spot, Martin in 2nd and Eva  3rd.

This month's Giantslayer has been named – good luck to Giancarlo in his effort to strip Gary of 121 of his points!

A study in intense concentration as David L (R) and Mohammed N go head to head
Eva and Giancarlo in an early match
Eva and Martin hit the board

First-place getter David R (L) disposes of Gary

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Wednesday August 29

On this last, very chilly Wednesday of winter we were 10 backgammon boarders.

Gary S drew the jackpot guernsey but was unable to take advantage and scoop the pool.

After 4 hours of intense rolling Eva cemented herself in top spot with a definitive victory over Mohammed  N  - girl power strikes again !!!

Unfortunately the only other member of the fair sex in this week's comp trailed in at a very sorry 2ndlast – c├ęst la vie – maybe next week!!

Arthur took 2ndspot and Jim B put in a solid performance to claim 3rd.....well done all!!

Some housekeeping:

Our members' weekly $2 club contributions (into our Nemo money-box) allows those members who subsidised the hire of the room for the NSW Open to be reimbursed by next week, and the Nemo funds can now be put towards some goodies for upcoming events.

Hopefully next week we will have at least one new player in our ranks -see you all at the tables!!

Eva and David R do battle
Giancarlo Y and David L in an early match

Backgammon central..Arthur and T.D. Gary in serious mode

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Wednesday August 22

Ten regulars, one newbie, and one interested observer arrived for last night's tournament and a good night was had by all.

Welcome to Yulan Ye and Graham, hopefully you will come back and play with us again soon.

Arthur was drawn as the jackpot player, and  as no-one was able to get under his armour, the jackpot was won for the third time in as many weeks, $11 being added to his total for the main competition.

Some contenders were lucky enough to play on Gary's beautiful new board  which is really quite special. Not me, unfortunately, maybe next week.

Just a reminder – Newcastle Open is on September 16 and the Australian open takes place on November 3 and 4 – come along  for some solid play .
Richard loses a close match with David R (6-5)
Players appreciate the running scores and time clock being displayed on a large screen

Mohammed and Gary battle for supremacy on Gary's beautiful new leather board

Friday, 17 August 2018

Wednesday Aug 15

An interesting night with nine players competing for the honours .

Carol W was drawn as the jackpot player and managed to capitalise on this taking top spot and the jackpot of …...wait for it.....$9 ….but we all know its NOT about the money !!!

Gary hung on in for 2ndplace , with  Arthur snaffling 3rdprize.

Gary's 2ndplace win puts him on top of the ladder  for this week, but Eva is snapping at his heels in second spot .

A good night was had by all – see you all next week !!

David L and Eva
The final match.... Gary and Carol

An intense Giancarlo studies the state of play between Mohammed and John

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Wednesday August 8

We had a field of eight players tonight.
It turned out to be Gary's night as he not only won the tournament but was the Jackpot player for the night, which netted him a further $30 
Eva and Jim tied for second place.

It was good to see a "blast from the past" when Ned Maroutians dropped in on us.
We look forward to Ned becoming a regular Sydney Backgammoner.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Wednesday August 1st

Due to an unexpected confluence of events we only had four players for the night.

The flexibility of our Swiss computer program allowed us to change the format to three 7-point matches.

Although Gary was the Jackpot player for the night he was roundly beaten by David L, the only player to win all rounds and who consequently was the night's winner.

Being the first meeting of the month, it was time to find our Giantslayer, who was randomly chosen to be Eva. Eva will play our Ladder Leader, Jim, in a 9-point match and take 76 points from his score if she beats him.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Wednesday July 25

A tidy little group of 8 took to the tables last night for a spirited tournament.

Richard J scored the jackpot draw but was unable to capitalise on this, being scuttled in the last round by John S.

 The new format means that we all get four rounds to 6 points – lots of play for all players with very little waiting time, although Jim did managed to sneak in a nap between games!!

Final placing were :

1st John S (again!)

2nd Gary S

3rd Jim B- our current overall Ladder Leader, who will be challenged by our August Giantslayer
(see our Ladder and Challenges page)

A good night was had by all!!

Jackpot player Richard does battle with overall winner John

John and Eva in Round 3

Jim finds backgammon so exhausting